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Application range of multi-saw gear grinding machine gear thread spline in mechanical products

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Application range of multi-saw gear grinding machine gear thread spline in mechanical products
Application range of multi-saw gear grinding machine gear thread spline in mechanical products
What is the general trend in the application of gear thread splines in gear grinding machines?
The development of machine tools is based on the development of manufacturing technology. The general trend of the application scope of gear grinder thread splines in mechanical products is decreasing. The reasons are:
1. The widespread application of numerical control technology and the mature technology of built-in motors make the machine tool industry use fewer and fewer gears.
2. The successful development and promotion of linear motors will gradually reduce the use of ball screws in machine tools and measuring instruments.
3. The development of electronic control technology has made the direct speed change of the motor instead of some gear speed change.
4. The car hydraulic torque converter greatly reduces the number of gears in the gearbox.
5. The development of electronics and quartz clocks has almost completely replaced expensive mechanical clocks.
6. Harmonic and cycloid pin gears have replaced gear reducers in many industries.
Installation instructions for multi-saw gear grinding machine:
1.When installing the machine, it should be leveled and firmly fixed. Check whether the fixing screws of each part are tightened. When moving the moving parts by hand, it should be flexible without jamming.
2.Turn on the power and check the direction of the motor.If the direction is opposite to the label, you can connect any two of the three-phase power to each other.
3.The angle of the cross section of the grinding wheel should be consistent with the angle of the zigzag tooth that needs to be ground;
4.Adjust the feed amount of the gear shifting mechanism according to the tooth pitch of the saw blade;
5.Adjust the grinding wheel to a low level, install the saw blade on the saw seat, put the pressure plate on, turn the hand wheel, and move the saw blade up and down by the lead screw to adjust the saw blade to 30 ~ 50 mm above the indenter. Indenter
6.Adjust the positioning of the sawtooth at the end of the gear shifting operation, and align the grinding wheel with the sawtooth of the saw blade, and then adjust the grinding wheel to the best position to start grinding;
7. Grinding wheel angle adjustment: To adapt to grinding saw blades with different sawtooth front angles, the angle of the grinding wheel mounting seat can be adjusted.
In addition, it should be noted that before starting the gear grinding machine, lubricating oil and adjustments to machine components should be added in advance to ensure that the machine can exert the best working performance, reduce unnecessary wear during operation, and also increase Safety and service life of the machine.