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Instructions for saw blade gear grinding machine

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Instructions for saw blade gear grinding machine
1. When installing the machine, it should be leveled and firmly fixed. Check whether the fixing screws of each part are tightened. When moving each moving part by hand, it should be flexible without jamming. Turn on the power and check the direction of the motor. If the direction of the motor is reversed, you can connect any two of the three-phase power to each other.
2. The angle of the cross section of the grinding wheel and the angle of the zigzag tooth shape to be ground should match.
3. Adjust the feed amount of the gear shifting mechanism according to the tooth pitch of the saw blade.
4. First, adjust the grinding wheel to a low level, install the saw blade on the saw seat, put the pressure plate on, turn the hand wheel, and move the saw blade up and down by the lead screw to adjust the saw blade to more than 30 ~ 50 mm indenter. And compact with indenter.
5. The saw blade gear grinding machine adjusts the positioning of the saw teeth at the end of the gear shifting action, and aligns the grinding wheel with the saw teeth of the saw blade. Then adjust the grinding wheel to the grinding * position to start grinding.
7. Grinding wheel angle adjustment: In order to adapt to grinding saw blades with different saw tooth front angles. The angle of the grinding wheel mounting seat can be adjusted. The method is to loosen the two bolts of the grinding wheel frame mounting seat plate (the nuts should not be removed) and then rotate the grinding wheel frame clockwise. Turn to make the front end of the grinding wheel reach the entire plane (from the tip to the root) of the rake angle of the saw tooth when the saw blade is being fed.