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The gear grinding machines commonly used in life are divided into: alloy saw blade grinding saw blade gear machine, flying saw blade grinding gear grinding machine and the like. Here is a description of the gear grinding machine:

TCT saw blade grinding machine:
       Refers to a special machine for grinding alloy saw blades. In addition to the strict requirements on the grinding wheel, motor, table, etc., it is also necessary to match the appropriate grinding fluid (cutting fluid). The main function is to cool the TCT cutter head, and at the same time improve the flatness of the cutting surface and improve the grinding effect.
       In addition, depending on the needs of the saw blade, a number of factors must be considered in the design, the most important of which is the angle of the blade tip end alloy tip.
       Regardless of the front angle (inner corner), back angle (outer circle), and side, there is a specified angle in the design. If the angle of the grinding is not correct, the actual use will have serious consequences such as inefficiency and inability to use. Whether it is production, refurbishment or grinding of the saw blade, the saw blade must be professionally ground.
       Therefore, the selection of the saw blade grinder is the key to the production or repair of the saw blade. When choosing a machine, first look at the rigidity and precision of the machine. The accuracy depends on the design principle of the machine and the performance of the machine parts.


       Secondly, it is necessary to inspect the after-sales service of the machine manufacturer. The machine is a fixed asset. In addition to the regular maintenance on weekdays, the professional service of the manufacturer is also necessary. Especially professional and special machine parts can only be provided by professional manufacturers.
       About the comparison between automatic and manual machines: The advantages of the automatic machine are high precision and a slightly lower technical requirement for workers, but the disadvantage is that the efficiency is relatively low. The advantage of the manual machine is that it is fast and efficient. The disadvantage is that the technical requirements for the workers are slightly higher, and the accuracy is naturally related to the workers themselves to a certain extent.

Classification and introduction of saw blade grinding machine

TCT saw blade grinding machine:

TCT saw blade grinding machine features:
    1, easy to operate, easy to learn, can make novices become professional and technical personnel in a short period of time.
    2, according to different chip requirements to change the cutting angle, tooth shape, tooth depth, can easily grind sharp saw blade.
    3. The materials of the grindable saw blade are: TCT saw blade and flying saw blade.
    4, the outer diameter of the grindable saw blade 40-600MM.
    5, can grind a variety of tooth types. (left and right teeth, arc teeth, triangle teeth, high and low teeth)
    6. The grinding time of the saw blade can be quickly adjusted according to different cutting requirements.
    7. The machine head can be adjusted upwards or downwards, and the chamfer can be repaired without changing the grinding wheel.
    8. The end of the mechanical feed claw is welded with tungsten carbide sheet to reduce wear: the push arm has been modified to ensure accurate feed.
    9. After strict production control, the machine only needs routine maintenance to ensure the grinding precision.

TCT saw blade grinding machine parameters: outer diameter of saw blade grinding teeth: ф40-ф600MM pitch: maximum 25MM tooth depth: the deepest 8MM cutting angle: 0°-30° feed rate: 45-180 teeth / min saw blade thickness : Thickest 15MM Use grinding wheel: ф150*25MM Grinding wheel speed: 4500rpm Grinding wheel motor: 3/4hp Drive motor: 1/2hp Net weight: 130KGS Gross weight: 150KGS


Flying saw blade grinding machine:
  Flying saw blade grinding machine features:
     1, easy to operate, easy to learn, can make novices become professional and technical personnel in a very short time.
     2. Grindable saw blade materials are: manganese steel Mn
     3, grinding saw blade outer diameter 250-800MM
     4, grindable tooth type: rat teeth
     5. After strict production control, the machine only needs routine maintenance to ensure the grinding precision.
     Flying saw blade grinding machine parameters: saw blade outer diameter: 250-800 MM saw blade thickness: 2-8 MM saw blade inner hole: 30-400 MM grinding wheel motor / KW: 0.75 drive motor / KW: 0.37 minutes / number of teeth: 45-80 Use grinding wheel: ф180*3.0mm Tooth height: -8mm Distance: -14mm Net weight: 300KG Volume: 700x750x1400mm
     Vertical automatic saw blade grinding machine is suitable for grinding flying saw blade (also called manganese steel saw blade, steel pipe saw blade, welded pipe saw blade) Diameter: 250mm---2000mm, grinding saw blade serrated sharp, increasing the number of saw blades used.
     Can be realized: 2000mm-1800mm-1600mm-1400mm-1200mm and other repeated repairs from large to small saw blades.

Bonner A-class 250MM*120T cutting aluminum TCT professional saw blade
The technical field of saw blade grinding machine refers to a new type of electric saw blade grinding machine capable of adjusting angle. The saw grinding machine uses a fixed motor and a grinding wheel assembly to grind the saw blade. The machine realizes the efficient operation of the mechanical grinding saw blade, and comprises a rail seat, a grinding wheel working device, a gear working device and a toothing device. The grinding wheel working device comprises a transmission motor and a grinding wheel, and the transmission motor drives the grinding wheel to rotate, the rail seat And the toothing device are mounted on the workbench, characterized in that: an adjusting seat for vertically adjusting the longitudinal angle of the rotating motor is arranged between the grinding wheel working device and the rail seat, and the adjusting seat is arranged on the adjusting seat An angle adjustment mechanism that adjusts the horizontal position angle thereof can adjust the angle of the grinding wheel in all directions.